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It is easy to sell your Mac using our service. Just see how it works:

  • You complete our quote form to see the price for your used Mac
  • Our courier collects your device at a time specified by you
  • We pay you immediately via bank transfer or PayPal

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It is time to sell your Mac now!

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Have you been holding on to your Mac for some time now because you just aren’t quite sure what to do with it? You probably would like to update to a newer model Mac, but you don’t want to get rid of yours when there is nothing wrong with it besides running a little slower than you’d like.

It’s normal to feel this way. Many people hold on to their computers as long as they are operational because they don’t like the idea of being wasteful and getting rid of a device just because it’s not in its prime. Instead of holding on to your Mac, which no longer suits you, you can turn it in for cash.

When you send in your Mac computer to us, we refurbish it, which means wiping it clean of all of your personal data, and get it into the hands of a new owner. This keeps a working device out of a rubbish bin and makes it possible for it to continue to be of benefit. Plus, you will earn some cash towards that newer Mac you desire. That is a win-win situation and definitely worth your time to consider.

You can sell your Mac for up to £600. Quote now

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How much can I get for my Mac Mini?

The amount that you can get for your Mac Mini depends on the type of Mac Mini that you have, but you can expect from £140 up to £600.

The Mac Mini G4 is not available for buyback, but the Mac Mini Intel is. You can get up to £140 for your Mac Mini Intel.

The Unibody Mac Mini is also available for buyback for up to £545. Of course, the offer that you get for your Mac Mini is dependent on several factors, including the age and condition of your device.

Macbooks (Unibody polycarbonate model)

How much can I get for my MacBook?
There are different buyback rates for different generations of MacBooks. The first generation of MacBook was released in 2006 with a polycarbonate casing. This MacBook can earn you up to £105.

The second generation MacBook, the Unibody aluminum model, can earn you a cash total of up to £155.

The third generation of MacBooks are the Unibody polycarbonate model. If you have one of these to sell you can earn up to £175.

The fourth generation of MacBook is the MacBook Retina. This MacBook, having been produced later than previous MacBooks, can earn you up to £600.

Trade in your MacBook today for some cash.

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How much can I get for my iMac?

The eight generations of iMac are not all available for buyback, but for the ones that are available, you can earn some serious money. With buyback values of £550 up to £1800, it’s definitely worth your time to consider selling your iMac.

For iMac G3-G5 and iMac (Intel plastic), buyback is not available.

The iMac (Aluminum), produced from 2007 until early 2009 is available for buyback at a rate of up to £550.

The iMac aluminum unibody is available for buyback at up to £600.

iMac Slim aluminum unibody is smaller than iMacs before it, and as such, the price for buyback can be as much as £800.

iMac’s newest offering, the iMac with Retina Display, can earn you up to £1800.

With so much money to be made in selling your iMac, you should start the process by requesting a quote.

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How much can I get for my MacBook Pro?

At the present time, all generations of MacBook pro are available for buyback, but that could change at any time. If you are considering selling your first generation MacBook pro, you should definitely send yours in for cash.

The first generation MacBook Pro, produced from 2006 to 2008, is available for buyback with a rate of up to £450.

The second generation MacBook Pro will get you up to £600 cash.

MacBook Pros most recent generation, the Retina, can earn you as much as £1800 cash back in your pocket.

Begin the process of selling your MacBook pro by requesting a custom quote.

sell MacBook-Air-intel-i

How much can I get for my MacBook Air?

The early model MacBook Air is available for buyback at a price of up to £235. This version was produced from 2008 to 2010.

Modern models of the MacBook Air include the Intel i-series. This model is available to get a buyback price of up to £510.

Remember, you can ask for a quote on your device at any time to start the process of selling your MacBook Air.

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How to sell my Mac

To sell your Mac you simply request a quote, package up your Mac, set up a time for the courier to pick it up, and get paid once we have received it and have checked it over. It’s that easy!

Why sell Mac to us?

Quick with your payment

Once you item arrives with us we will assess your unit and aim to have your money sent to you after 48hrs. You can have a bank transfer or PayPal payment

Safe and secure payment

At Macback we have secure security protocols from booking in to the payment of your funds. Safe, quick and secure

100% Data safety Guarantee

Macback is part of the ILS group that specialises in data security and the handling of redundant electronics from high security industry sectors. We will disk wipe your item to the data protection legislation standard.

Trusted reseller

Should you not be 100% satisfied with our service we will return your item by next day courier. Our aim is to have you as a satisfied customer first and foremost.

Preparing your Mac for sale

Before your send us your Mac, it is a good idea to make a backup of your information. A backup is created as an extra copy of the file on your computer so that you can transfer these files to your new computer and continue to have access to them long after your Mac is gone.
There are a few different ways to do a backup on your computer. One of the most common ways is to use iCloud to backup your documents, music, calendars, photos, and anything else you want to keep from your Mac.
Backing up your computer is a fairly simple, straightforward process. However, if you would rather not attempt to do it on your own you can hire someone to do it for you at a very reasonable price.

After you have created a backup of the files on your Mac, you will want to make sure that you sign out of iTunes. To do so, open iTunes. On the menu bar at the top of the screen, choose “store”. Next, choose Deauthorise this Computer. Once you have entered your Apple ID and password, you should click Deauthorise to complete the process of signing out of iTunes.
When you deauthorise your computer, you are removing access to the content you purchased from iTunes while you owned your Mac. This means that the next person who receives your Mac will not be able to access any of your movies, music, books, or other content so it is a pretty important step to complete.

Before starting, you will need to archive or make copies of your iCloud data if you use any iCloud features on your Mac like Find my Mac.
The next step is to go to the Apple menu and select System Preferences. Then click iCloud and uncheck the Find My Mac checkbox. Lastly, sign out of iCloud. Go to System Preferences where you should click iCloud and sign out. You will be asked whether you want to remove iCloud data from your Mac.
Remember, when you sign out of iCloud, you are not removing data from your iCloud account. You are only removing data from your Mac so the next owner will not have access to it. Your iCloud data will remain safe in the cloud and you will be able to access it again once you log into another device using the same Apple ID.

This is a short, easy step to be taken if your Mac is using the OS X Mountain Lion or later. If not, you will not have to do this step.
If you are using the OS X Mountain Lion or later, go to the Messages app and click on Preferences. Next, select accounts and select your iMessage account. Finally, click Sign Out.

This is the final step you should take if you are selling your Mac. Before you start, make sure your computer is connected to the Internet.
Restart your Mac. When you hear the startup sound, hold Command and R keys to go to OS X Recovery. Then, select Disk Utility and Continue. Select the name of your startup disk and click the Erase tab. To erase the drive, click Security Options and choose an erase method before clicking OK.
When you see the format pop-up menu, choose Mac OS Extended. Type a disk name and then click Erase. After the drive has been erased, you can close the Disk Utility window.
Next, choose a network from the Wi-Fi menu if you are not connected to the Internet any longer. Choose the option Reinstall OS X. You can next click Continue, and follow the directions on the screen to finish reinstallation.

Q&A about selling your Mac to us

Q: I don’t have the power supply – what should I do?
A: No problem we will still buy your Macbook. For any item sent to us without a power supply you have 2 options. Send the item in and we will deduct £15 for the cost of the new power supply. We think this is more than a fair price. Or you can buy another power supply from various internet outlets and supply your own no problem.
Q: When do I get paid for my Mac?

A: We try to turn around all trade ins within 48Hrs of the unit arriving at our location. You can choose to be paid by either PayPal or bank transfer the choice is yours.

Q: Is it safe for my personal data to sell a Mac?

A: Macback is part of the intelligent lifecycle solutions group. We are a global recycler of electronic goods. We are ISO certified in all our practices. That gives you the customer confidence that your data is secure whether you have one IPad or 3000 servers the process is the same.

Q: I don’t know the model and the specs of my Mac – what should I do?


A: No problem, if you are on line during UK business hours please use our chat system and our sales team will be happy to help you. Or email us on and we will get back to you and walk you through the process.



Still have some questions? Please contact us for more info.