Were you one of the people who went crazy for the Touch Bar feature on recent MacBook Pros? Many Apple fans loved the idea of the Touch Bar, but was it really a hit after Apple users got to test it out? Since it has been a year with MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar being a new feature, it’s time to see how it has fared.


Analysis of Touch Bar


MacBook’s Touch Bar was hyped as being one of features that everyone had to have. While it is a nifty little feature, not everyone felt that the Touch Bar was necessary. Some have commented that when switching back and forth between the MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar and their other MacBooks, they didn’t even miss the Touch Bar. Ouch! Surely, that’s not what Apple intended the Touch Bar.

It seems that the Touch Bar has some interesting technology that should have caught on and been a hit, at least in theory. Unfortunately for Apple, the Touch Bar didn’t really serve any purpose or solve any problems for their customers. In other words, many customers felt like they could use the Touch Bar or do without it. If it didn’t make much of an impression, why did Apple include it? Was it simply a misjudgment on Apple’s part? Or is the Touch Bar part of a bigger plan from Apple?


New MacBook Features


Apple’s Game Plan

Apple is THE company for unveiling amazing, cutting-edge technology. They want to be the first company to release new tech and they want theirs to be better than any other company who dares follow in their footsteps. Apple sees the big picture, while users can only see one small piece of the puzzle. Apple often rolls out technology a bit at a time. The end user can’t always understand why Apple releases products in such a way, but Apple is very deliberate with the way they release technology, and you can bet that they have other plans already in mind for what they want to do with new tech that they release. This means that Apple might have plans for the Touch Bar beyond what it’s like right now. It might start out being the Touch Bar of 2016, but end up being another piece of amazing technology that Apple fans can’t live without that they didn’t know that they needed.


The Future of Touch Bar

Author Von Rospach looked at the Touch Bar and came up with his opinion of what the future of the Touch Bar will be. Even with the lukewarm reception of the Touch Bar, he thinks it might be around a little longer on some newer Mac Books coming out from Apple. Von Rospach hasn’t ruled out a second generation of Touch Bar. His opinion of Touch ID is that it will not be a lasting feature. However, he does not work for Apple. Only Apple knows what their plans are and they aren’t giving out any hints right now.