Have you been waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for an updated Apple device? Well, this is the update you’ve been waiting for- the iPad mini 2019. And it has everything you need and/or want. Let’s dig right in for the fun updates for the newest iPad mini.


iPad Mini Update Review

List of updates:

1. iOS

2. Display

3. Speed

4. Battery life

5. Size Options

6. Takeaway



iPads have been running on the same iOS as the Apple iPhones, but with this newest update there will be a different operating system for the new iPad mini. The newest operating system is called iPadOS. This will make iPads into devices comparable to a Mac laptop adding features such as gesture controls and improved markups. So if you want to spend less money but still enjoy some of the same features as a Mac computer, this might be the iPad for you!



The iPad mini is super easy to carry around with you wherever you go. It’s 7.9-inch screen is just the right size to hold in one hand, and most people feel just right operating the device with two hands. Almost nothing has changed on the outside of the iPad mini so don’t be expecting it to look much different on the outside. What is different this time, though, is that you can now use the 1st generation Apple Pencil. This is huge for many fans who have been dreaming of using Apple Pencil. Since the screen is so thin it feels almost as if you are writing directly on the screen with the new mini for 2019. This year’s mini is the smallest device that is compatible with the Apple Pencil. That’s pretty cool. And let’s not overlook the stunning Retina display itself. You can expect the iPad mini for 2019 to have a bright and fully laminated display. This means that there will be a surprisingly thin glass screen that won’t give you the gap that the iPad 9.7 inch has since the screen digitizer is pressed right up against it. This new mini still has bezels around the edge of the screen, which some may not be too happy about, but you might be able to overlook this as part of the design with all the other great updates.



Let’s talk about the speed of this little beauty. The newest iPad mini is lightning fast due to the iPhone XS class chipset. This is good news for users who wish to use Adobe Lightroom for editing. This device can handle that with ease and more. Emphasis on the last part. If you are a gamer, you can rest assured that the new mini will be able to handle 3D gaming without a problem. And because of its small size, you can easily handle holding the device as you play your favorite 3D game.


Battery Life

It’s super important for most people that the battery life of their device is good. Apple promises ten hours of battery life with the iPad mini 2019, but some users are getting even more than that. Even if your tablet does die before you want it to, you can do a quick charge and have it back working for you in no time. And the standby time is pretty good too. You don’t have to worry about your battery draining completely overnight.


Size Options

Fortunately, you can choose the storage size when you are getting your iPad mini. You can get the 64GB or 256GB. If you don’t think you are a heavy-duty user, you can probably survive with the 64GB option. After you go this route, you will just want to make sure that you pay for the iCloud. If you want to make sure it’s very difficult for you to run out of storage space, you can choose to go for 256 GB instead.



If you are looking for a new Apple device that you can take with you when you go somewhere that has the computing power that you’ve come to know and love from Apple, you might want to check out this little device. It offers the computing power that you want with the portability that makes it easy to carry with you.

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