You know that when Apple does something new, it’s going to be bigger and better than whatever they last did. It’s no different with this upgrade that is now available. It is, in fact, the most powerful upgrade Apple has ever released. But even with that being the case, there may be some things about the new iOS update that you won’t like.


iOS 10 Upgrade


If you are an iPhone user, you have probably heard about the newest available upgrade to iOS 10. iOS 10 is also available for some iPad and iPod versions. Many users have enjoyed the upgrade, so you might be wondering if you should update your phone to iOS 10 yourself. Before you go all out and download the new iOS 10, think about some of the things you might not like about the upgrade.


Issues with the iOS 10 Upgrade

Let’s start with the things Apple iPhone users are not so happy about. One thing that many do not like is the grid layout. Because the grid layout is thin, iPhone users are unable to replace default apps. It is also difficult to do even simple actions, and there are lots of swipes and taps that have to be done. This could definitely be a bother for users.

Another downfall users are experiencing is that once they download the iOS 10, the “Slide to Unlock” option disappears. Previous operating systems allowed users to unlock their phone by simply pressing the home button. After users upgrade to iOS 10, however, they have to press the home button twice to unlock the phone. This is not a major inconvenience, but it can take some time to adjust. Some have had issues with pressing multiple times and have to wait for the PIN or passcode screen to come up.

Some other issues that have been reported are trouble calling and texting contacts from 3D Touch, issues with adding contacts when an SMS comes from a new number, and issues playing music on Apple Music. It is a good idea to know that these issues are a possibility before upgrading to iOS 10.


New iOs for iphone


Reasons to Upgrade

Security, security, security! Everyone wants their information to be as secure as possible, and the iOS 10 upgrade does just that. Since most of us store some sensitive data on our phone, it is ideal to have the most secure device possible. iOS 10 offers that extra layer of security with 8 security patches.

iMessage is better on the new iOS. There are several different effects the user can implement on iMessage. You can throw confetti, shoot fireworks, or hide your message with invisible ink. You can even send hand drawn messages using the Digital Touch feature. If you love to send messages, you will love the new options available in iOS 10.

Many people get Apple iPhones just for Siri, so this is good news for all Siri fans. With the new iOS, Siri is better than ever. She is able to do such tasks as order an Uber ride for your or tell you who is calling you. She also will not judge you if you decide not to answer the phone once you know who’s calling.


Other Fun Features of iOS 10

There are many, many new features available now that were not available before. For one, there’s a new feature that some users don’t yet know about on the new iOS 10. It’s the bedtime mode. It can be found on the clock settings. When you go to the tab that says bedtime, you can click on it and it will track your sleep. It will show you how many hours of sleep you can expect to get based on when you go to bed and when you need to wake up. It can be set to give you an alarm when it’s time for you to wake up. This app is great because most of us sleep with our phone close to us at night so it will eliminate the need to set a physical alarm clock.

Another awesome feature available with the new iOS 10 is the ability for it to remember where you have parked. We’ve all experienced parking our car and trying to return to it sometime later but not really knowing where we parked. iOS 10 has the ability to help you with that. You will have to set it up to do that initially, but it is an option that can save you time and stress when you are looking for your vehicle.


So, Should I Upgrade?

Yes and no. Yes, it makes sense to upgrade because of all of the great new features that are available on the new iOS 10. If you’ve read about the potential negatives from the upgrade and you have no qualms about those minor issues, then you should upgrade. The positives far outweigh the negatives when it comes to upgrading to the new iOS 10.

There may still be some for whom it does not make sense to upgrade to the new iOS 10, and that’s okay. You might not want to upgrade if you are attached to the way your Apple device has always been operated. If you don’t like change, then by all means, keep the same operating system that you love. If, on the other hand, you prefer the latest and greatest, get the new iOS 10.

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