The rumor mill is in overdrive that Apple plans to release the new 15-inch MacBook Air in April. There are also rumors of the first Apple silicon-based Mac Pro dropping soon. Apple has given developers in the Apple Developer Program access to the macOS 13 Ventura which is likely to be released next week.

What’s this update all about? Well, the 13.3 update will be a follow-up to the Ventura 13.2 update released on January 23. This update had almost two dozen security updates as well as support for FIDO-certified security keys. The middle of February saw a release of macOS Ventura 13.2.1 that had three more important security fixes including one that fixed a vulnerability that could have lead to arbitrary execution of code.

New features

One of the new features of the macOS 13.3 include new emojis such as a donkey, pea pod, and pink heart, among other exciting additions that you probably didn’t know you needed. There will also be a home architecture upgrade. It was removed in December of last year but will be brought back for this OS update. This will make for a faster experience. Another possible feature is a redesigned TV app. 9to5Mac has reported that the beta includes a redesign on the TV app which makes it more aligned with the version that the iPadOS 15.2 has. Apparently, the Mac version will have a sidebar for navigation. The redesigned app isn’t active in the beta version yet. As expected, this update will likely fix some bugs and security issues. The release notes on the macOS 13.3 indicate that there will be several fixes related to virtualization software, Task Manager, and iWork apps, just to name a few items which will have fixes. This update will also be used to push through some Rapid Security Response updates.

How to install macOS 13.3

As mentioned above, you must be a member of the Apple Developer Program in order to have access to the beta version of macOS 13.3. You can obtain this status by paying for a developer account or by registering your Mac in the Apple Beta Software Program. Once you have registered, you can install the latest beta software under System Settings. Once you install the beta, you will begin to get regular updates. Alternately, you can wait until macOS 13 Ventura is out of beta and is available for the masses. Historically, it doesn’t take long for Apple to push out their OS updates once beta has finished so it will be available before you realize it.

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