For all you MacBook Air fans who are ready to update their device for something new, there may be some good news on the new release front from Apple. Rumour has it that there will be some amazing updates for MacBook Air fans who are looking for larger screen size. And who isn’t?


What Apple Might Release


New Larger MacBook Air

A popular analyst of MacBook products has stated that Apple will have a larger MacBook Air with the latest release. According to Ross Young, the new possible screen size options will be 13.6 and 15.2 inches. That’s some exciting news for MacBook Air fans. If this rumour proves to be true, that will mean that the 13.3 inch MacBook’s size would increase by 0.3 inches. The 15-inch will increase 0.2 inches. According to Young, Apple will release these devices in 2023.


New Chassis

If this new redesign is to occur, that would likely mean that the display will have the thinner chassis that is more like the MacBook Pro. Mark Gurman, of Bloomberg, said that Apple is working on a larger MacBook Air back in 2021. This lines up with what Young has asserted.


new macbook air release


New Name for MacBook

Another Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, suggested that the MacBook Air will be named simply, “MacBook”. This would be an interesting change for the MacBook Air.


Mini-LED Display 

There might not be all good news, though. There may not be a mini-LED display or ProMotion technology on either of the new MacBook Air devices. Young said that these models will not have these technologies. That is the opposite of what DigiTimes has said about them. DigiTimes said that the MacBook Air is supposed to get a mini-LED display this year. Young, on the other hand, seems to think that Apple will try to keep the price point lower on the new MacBook Air models. He thinks they will do this by using LCD displays so there will be a variation of prices between the MacBook Air and the higher end MacBook Pro devices.



Although no one can be sure of what Apple’s plans are, Young is a reliable source as an analyst. He has been able to give a lot of insight in Apple’s plans for products in the past. It included the size of displays and bezels of the sixth gen iPad mini, the iPhone 13 Pro’s ProMotion display, and the mini-LED displays on the 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro. Apple hasn’t released a lot of details about their plans for the new devices, but hopefully, they will be giving out more information soon. The MacBook Air is known for being sleek and light but offering a lot of power. Apple is sure to continue these features with the new offerings coming down the pike. The only choice to make now is whether to get the smaller one or the larger one.

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