Have you been looking forward to getting some new tech from Apple? It’s been a couple of years since Apple brought a new Mac mini model. You will probably be pleased to hear that there may be a launch coming this month with the M2 Mac mini. The last launch was for two Mac mini models that had the M1 chip, and they launched with the M1 MacBook Pro and M1 MacBook Air. The M1 Mac mini was a favorite among some fans and reviewers because of the price and amazing specs.


M2 Mac mini Rumors


October Launch?

Back in June 2022 when Apple launched the M2 MacBook Pro and M2 MacBook Air, an updated Mac mini was notably missing. Mark Gurman, of Bloomberg, has reported that Apple is working on an updated M2 Mac mini. He claims that it will have eight CPU cores and 10 GPU cores. Gurman also stated that Apple has a Mac mini with M1 Pro in the works, but that will have to wait for another article.

Apple usually hosts an event in October or November where they announce the products that are being updated, so that might mean that there will be an announcement about an M2 Mac mini coming up soon. Apple doesn’t always hold an event when they think an event isn’t justified by the products, so another possibility is that Apple will share a press release about a new M2 Mac mini.


Not this Year? Why?

There’s also a possibility that there will not be a release of an M2 Mac mini this year at all. One reason the launch might not happen until next year is that there’s going to be a design change. Since about 2005, the Mac mini had a square design. It’s gotten thinner than it was in the beginning and lost the CD drive. There has also been a color change. Experts believe that Apple is making a change with future Mac minis. One analyst named Jon Prosser said that the newest Mac mini will be slimmed down to less than an inch tall. Apple has had an aluminum chassis since about 2010, but the chassis might be getting a makeover as well. If this happens, there might be a change in color from the current space grey and silver options.

Other possible changes for the Mac mini include the addition of the M2 chip after which it’s likely to be named. Some of the possibilities for specs include an 8-core CPU that has 4 performance cores, an 8 or 10-core GPU, as much as 24GB Unified Memory. Since current Mac minis have 2 USB-4/Thunderbolt ports, the new Mac mini is likely to have the same. Rumors claim that there will not be an additional SDXC card slot like the MacBook Pro and Mac Studio have. Time will tell which of these changes occur. We’ll all have to wait and see when Apple is going to release the new M2 mini and what it’s going to look like.