Have you been thinking about buying an Apple MacBook Pro lately? Well here’s a few good reasons why now might be just the right time to do so.


Reasons to Buy a Macbook Pro


If you’ve been really thinking about getting a MacBook Pro, now is a great time to get one. Apple is going through a transitional period. They are transitioning their higher end laptops, so you can expect some great upgrades if you purchase now. If you want to buy one of the discontinued Mac book Pros, you might be able to get an excellent deal. You should go with one that came before the MacBook Pro 15. However, if you do go with an older model MacBook Pro, you’re not going to get some of the sweet features that the newer Pros might offer.


Butterfly Keyboard and Other Updates

For example, have you heard of the butterfly keyboards? Yeah, not a lot of people like those. So, if you go for an older MacBook Pro you might be stuck with the much-maligned butterfly keyboard. On the other hand, if you go for the newer MacBook Pros, you can expect a fix to that issues that so many had with those keyboards. When the MacBook Pro 16 finally launched in December 2019, it fixed a lot of the issues that users had been up in arms about.

For example, with the MacBook Pro 16 release, thinner bezels, amazing speakers, and a fix to the dreaded butterfly keyboard were addressed. Did I mention the amazing new graphics cards that were added? Apple really did a great job of giving the people what they wanted in the new MacBook Pro 16.


new macbook pro



Now with all those updates to the MacBook Pro 16, you can’t really expect them to come without a high price tag. They started out at $2,399, but that’s also the price of the MacBook Pro 15 (which is being discontinued). When you look at it THAT way the high price tag is not too bad. Especially if you’re a power user of the MacBook Pro series.

The question many users have is whether they really need a MacBook Pro 16. Do they really need to spend almost $2,400 on a MacBook Pro 16 when there are other options available? Are you someone who does not have a heavy workload and doesn’t depend on their laptop for a lot of work that requires a heavy use of RAM? Then you might be able to get broke by with a less expensive option. If you’re just a casual user of a laptop, you might be better off saving your money and going with a less expensive Apple computer.

However, if you have a really heavy workload that’s really intense and you need a computer that will not let you down by slowing down or needing to be charged constantly, then you should definitely consider investing in the new MacBook Pro 16. Again, the MacBook Pro has all the latest features from Apple, So if you’re generally a heavy computer user, you should definitely upgrade to the MacBook Pro 16 instead of the earlier iterations.