This year will likely see some new product drops from Apple. One of those is likely to be the 15-inch MacBook Air. The beloved MacBook Air has been out since January 2008 and continues to be popular because of its portability and power fifteen years after its initial release.

If you’re looking for the 12-inch MacBook, there’s some bad news. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg mentioned that the 15-inch MacBook Air is in the lineup for this year, but said that the 12-inch MacBook is, “no longer on Apple’s near-term road map.” So it seems that we’ll all have to wait a little longer for Apple to spill some details about this MacBook.

Apple has had low and higher end 12-inch MacBook releases including the 12-inch MacBook that weighed in at a teeny tiny two pounds. It was discounted in 2019, just four years after it was released. Even earlier that that was the PowerBook G4 which was the predecessor of the MacBook Pro. Although Gurman didn’t share any other details about the MacBook Air’s release, a display analyst named Ross Young said that Apple’s suppliers are likely to start production in the first quarter of 2023. That means that a new MacBook Air might be available for happy consumers as early as spring of this year.

Design updates for 2023

Will there be any design updates? Well, since the MacBook Air was just redesigned in 2022, it’s unlikely that the 2023 release will see updates to the design. The design is likely to look a lot like the 13-inch model. There are likely to be M2 and M2 Pro chip options with this device that will be identical or very similar to the previous model. The MacBook Air has come a long way since it was introduced with redesigns and improvements added along the way. We’ll all just have to wait and see what the rumored 2023 15-inch MacBook Air release will be like.

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