The new iPhone 7 came out just a few days ago and iPhone users everywhere are wondering if they need to replace their iPhone with the latest version. To keep their iPhone 6, or not to keep their iPhone 6 is the thought on their mind. After all, everyone knows that when Apple comes out with a new iPhone, it’s destined to be awesome.

If your iPhone is a 5S or later, you will definitely enjoy switching to a more updated iPhone like the iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 has so many added options that the iPhone 5S and earlier did not have. After all, Apple is always trying to make a better product with each generation of iPhone. What about if you have an iPhone 6? Would you really benefit from switching to an iPhone 7? Maybe. But then again, maybe not. Hear me out and make your decision after you’ve read this all the way through.


Phone to Phone Comparison: The iPhone 6 versus the iPhone 7


iPhone 6 vs iPhone 7


Don’t feel like you are missing out on the iPhone 7 experience and run out and buy it. The purchase of an iPhone is always an investment. Use this comparison of the iPhone 6 versus the iPhone 7 to help you decide whether you should keep your iPhone 6, or whether you should upgrade your iPhone 6 to the iPhone 7.





Let’s start with the screen size of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 has to be bigger, right? Wrong. Between the two versions of iPhone, the screen sizes are the same. You can get either a 120 mm or 140 mm screen for either the iPhone 6 or 7.

Both have an aluminum body with a design that is visually similar.

On the iPhone 7, the antenna bands are in a different place than they were on the iPhone 6, but that’s probably not something most users are concerned about.



Now for some of the differences. The iPhone 6 has storage that is half of what the iPhone 7 is. In other words, you have twice as much storage capability with the iPhone 7. Are you the type who is always running out of storage? You could benefit from upgrading to the iPhone 7 from the iPhone 6.

Are you constantly taking pictures and want the best picture possible? Maybe you should consider the iPhone 7 as the camera has been upgraded. The iPhone 6 has a front camera that is 5MP and the rear camera is 12MP. The iPhone 7 is a 7MP on the front, but the rear is also 12MP. It also has a wide angle lens on the front and a telephoto and wide-angle lens on the Plus model. If you want an improved photo taking ability for the front camera, you might want to upgrade to the iPhone 7. However, if you don’t really think that you would care about the photo taking ability, you can stick with your iPhone 6.

One huge benefit of switching to the iPhone 7 is the fact that it is water proof for up to thirty minutes of submersion in water. That means if you drop your phone in a bath or sink full of water, it’s not a death sentence. For many people, that alone is enough reason to upgrade.


Pros and Cons of Getting the iPhone 7



Well, one big con of getting the iPhone 7 right now is availability. Who knows if you will be able to find the phone you want? The iPhone 7 has been selling out, so it may be difficult to get your hands on one of them. If you do find one, it may not be the best phone for you but you might feel pressured to buy the phone so you don’t miss out. This may mean that you end up spending a lot of money on a phone that wasn’t the best option for you.

Another con of buying the new Apple iPhone right now is the cost. If you just want the 32 GB version iPhone 7, which is the starting point in storage, it will set you back £599. The iPhone 7 with the largest storage has 256GB and will cost an eye-watering £799. These are just two negatives to consider when you are thinking about whether to dump your iPhone 6 for the iPhone 7.



Now on to the pros – which I know you were really waiting for anyway. One of the pros of getting the iPhone 7 is that you will be one of the first to own the newest tech gift from the Apple gods. The phone is undoubtedly an upgraded solution from Apple for those who want to have the latest and greatest and it will be awesome. Apple designs products with the user in mind, so you know it will be everything you want and more.

Another pro of purchasing the newest iPhone is that you will have a brand new phone that you know will be in good condition for a while. If your iPhone 6 has the dreaded screen crack or some other issue, you might want to seriously consider getting the iPhone 7. The money that you would be using to fix the crack in your iPhone could be going to purchase the new one.

Yet another good thing about getting the iPhone 7 is that you will definitely be able to improve your selfie game with the updated camera. Do you want to have the best selfies on social media? Consider getting the iPhone 7. The cameras on the iPhone 7 are head and shoulders better than even some of the best cameras around just a few years ago. You can Instagram and Facebook your way to happiness with the high calibre camera on the new iPhone 7.



Is Apple’s iPhone 7 worth the cost? Only you can answer that question. However, if you do decide to get an iPhone 7, you should definitely consider selling your iPhone 6 to give yourself some money to buy the newest phone. When you successfully sell your iPhone 6 you might be able to afford an iPhone 7 with more storage and more bells and whistles. Or you might decide your iPhone 6 is good enough for now.

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