There is no doubt that Apple products are always popular. When Apple releases a new product it’s safe to bet that there will be people waiting in a queue to get their hands on whatever Apple is offering up. What happens to all of their old Apple devices? Well, if they were smart, they sold them. And selling your used Apple devices are absolutely safe.


Sell Apple Device

Many companies will buy back Apple devices that are in good, usable condition. You can ask for a quote from the company you choose so you will know how much money you can expect. Of course the company you contact will have to inspect your device, but they can offer you a conditional quote. You can get as much as £1200 for a Macbook Pro or £1400 for an iMac. Or maybe £800 for a Macbook Air if they are in really good condition and fairly new.


Is it safe to sell your used Apple device?

Absolutely. It is safe to sell your used Apple device if you go about doing it the correct way. You should delete all of your personal information off of your device before you sell it. When you delete all of your personal information, you don’t have to worry about the new owner being able to access things that belong to you such as passwords to your accounts. Many people have their account set to log them in automatically instead of having to type in their password every time. There’s nothing wrong with this. But if you are going to get rid of your Apple, you want to make sure you take this off of your device.

You also need de-authorise iTunes and any other apps that you have given permission to. You’ll want to sign out of iTunes, iCloud, and iMessage as well. You can make a backup of all the files you have that you would like to keep. So that you can put them to your new device, if you are going to buy one. Finally, you will need to erase your Mac product so it is returned to factory settings. When you’ve done this, you can reinstall the operating system.


What determines how much I get paid?

With any company that buys back Apple products, Macback included, they determine how much they can pay by looking at several variables. What is the condition of your Apple? Is it pristine? Are there a few scuffs? Is there a crack in the casing or on the screen? How much time will it take to repair your Apple? These are just a few of the considerations that a company would need to make to determine the grade of your product. A higher grade means that your Apple device is in close to out of the box condition. You will earn more money for a device in this condition. For lower grade devices, those with lots of signs of physical wear as well as issues like a non-working battery, you will get paid less.


sell your macbook or iphone


How do I get paid?

You should have already contacted a company that you want to sell your Mac to, like Macback. And they should have given you a quote. After you have wiped your Apple product and returned it back to factory settings, you can prepare it for shipping. You will want to secure your device in a box that has something to cushion your device so it doesn’t get damaged on the way to its destination. A courier will pick up your device from your home, so you don’t even have to worry about leaving your house.

Once your device has reached the facility, it will be tested to ensure proper working order and to make sure your device is the way you described it. If they discover something unexpected, they will offer you a new quote which you are free to accept or they will send your device back to you free of charge. If you accept the quote, you will receive your money in about 48 hours via Paypal or bank transfer. They try to make the process as simple and painless as possible. Macback takes privacy very seriously and they will make sure all your personal information is removed from your device for your security.


Benefits of selling your Apple device online to a buyback company

There are many benefits of selling your device online to a certified Apple buyback company. One benefit is that you will get your money quickly. You can always try to sell your product to people you know or on Ebay, but that normally takes some time. With Macback you can have your money in just a few days. With auction sites you might have to wait weeks for your device to sell, then you’ll have to pay to ship it, and also pay the auction site for letting you sell on their site. If you sell your Apple Mac to a company like Macback, you can expect a fairly quick turnaround. They will take the risk of selling the product, so you get paid whether they sell your product immediately or if they have to wait weeks before it sells.

As you can see, there are many benefits to selling your Mac device to Macback. It is a safe, easy, and quick way to earn some money from something you might not even be using. Your personal information will be secure and you don’t have to worry about someone accessing your accounts. If you have been considering selling you Mac, you should definitely consider these benefits and send in your Mac in exchange for some extra cash.