Are you the type who likes to use shortcuts to make tasks faster and easier on your Mac? This is the article for you. Let’s check out a few tweaks that you can make in macOS to optimize your computing experience.

Ever heard of hot corners? They will make each of your corners of your display turn into actions. All you do is move your cursor to a corner and whatever action you assign to that corner will happen. You might have one corner for a desktop shortcut. You might have another corner for accessing files, and so on. There are only a handful of actions that you can do with hot corners right now including desktop, launchpad, start screen saver, display sleep, and a few others. Since you have four corners, there are four actions that can be assigned.

It is easy to set up. Go to launch System Settings, choose the Desktop & Dock section. Then scroll all the way to the bottom and choose Hot Corners. Next, just assign each corner an action.

Hot corners are a quick and easy way to save time on repeated actions. They make working or playing faster and easier and more intuitive than ever before. Once you set them up you won’t be able to imagine going without them.