The latest update for iOS was introduced by Apple on June 5th, just shy of a month ago, at the Worldwide Developers Conference. This update is the next-generation iOS 11. The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, claimed that this operating system turns up the advances, making it even better than before. But what exactly can one expect with this new iOS? Read on to find out.


iOS 11 Update Info


Subtle Design Changes

Although there are some design changes, most of them are fairly subtle. The text is bolder than in the last few iOS updates. Some of the familiar apps users will notice have been updated with a newer look. A couple of things that are vastly different, though, include the Control Center and Lock Screen. Those have been completely redesigned with a fresh look that users will notice and enjoy. Other than that, users will notice that some features, such as Reminders and Calendar, are completely the same.


Control Center and Lock Screen

The Control Center is now customizable and there are more settings included as well. Now there is only one screen instead of being split across multiple screens. Because the 3D Touch integration has been expanded upon, you can do more without having to open up the Settings app.

The old Lock Screen has been changed in the iOS 11 update. It is now merged with the Notification Center. When you swipe down to get access to your notifications, you will see the Lock Screen. You can still see Today view by using a side swipe.



The digital helper that Apple users know and love has a more natural sounding male or female voice. Siri’s also smarter than before. It can learn the preferences of a user and can sync that over to connected Apple devices. With this ability, Siri can anticipate the needs and wants of users. Siri is also able to offer translation services. It can translate English into a variety of different languages.


iphone ios 11


iPad and iPhone Changes

With the new iOS 11 update, the iPad is more capable than it has ever been before. Users can easily switch between apps with a new App Switcher. This feature makes it easy to see all that you’re working on in one quick glance. If you have an iPad Pro, you’ll be surprised to know that you can do even more. Apple Pencil is better, and several apps now offer support for inline drawing.

A feature that iPad and iPhone share is the Drag and Drop feature. Users are able to drag images and links from one app to another. You can also find files easier with a finder app to help manage files. This app lists all the files a user has created or downloaded and lists them alphabetically for quick access to them.

Do you like texting with one hand? The iOS makes it easier to do so with their one-handed keyboard. There’s also a flick option to type numbers and symbols more quickly when using the iPad.


App Store Updates

Many users love the App store features more than they like other features on the phone. For these users, there is a special surprise. The App store is different! There are two sections for games and apps in this new update. Users can also look forward to the “Today” view which gives new content each day so they don’t miss out on the latest games and apps.


iCloud Drive

There is no iCloud Drive in the new iOS 11. Instead, there is a “Files” app. This app is organized well to make it easy to search for and access files. This app supports favorites and tags to make it easy for a user to stay organized with color coding.

These are just a few of the features you can expect to see in the new iOS 11 update of fall 2017. You know there will probably be some surprises that you’ll notice once you update, so make sure you spend time thoroughly exploring the new iOS 11 update when it becomes available. You are likely to find that the iOS you thought couldn’t get any better, did.