Apple had the Worldwide Developer’s Conference earlier in June, but there was not as much attention given to the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch has been around for a couple of years now. They have transitioned to a product that places a lot of focus on the uses that are beneficial to improve users’ health and fitness. Although Apple has some features geared towards health of its users, it would be nice if they would place even more thought into health features to benefit users.


Health Monitoring Features Suggestions


What features could Apple add to the Apple Watch to make it easier for users to monitor their health? There are many excellent ideas for Apple’s wearable technology. It would be best if Apple were able to make it possible for its technology to prevent health issues that users could face, but barring that possibility, making it easier to monitor your health with an Apple Watch would be amazing. Following are some excellent ways that Apple could further develop the Apple watch for its users to maximize benefits to their health.


Sleep Tracking

Sleep tracking would be a nifty feature to have on Apple Watch. At first glance, a sleep tracker might not seem that important. But it could definitely be a top feature of an Apple Watch. Why? Your body needs sleep. It’s a fact of life. A sleep tracker may be the kind of feature that would have widespread appeal to users. After all, a quality night of sleep is what helps us all have the rest that we need for a day’s activities. Therefore, sleep tracking technology would possibly be a feature that a person could use daily. It could also be a feature that could attract new Apple Watch buyers — along with some of the other features Apple already includes.


Apple Watch health features


Body Temperature Monitor

It would seem that an easy feature to add to Apple Watch would be a body temperature monitor. Why would this feature be a good one to add? Well, your body temperature can be an indicator of problems in the body. Since it’s not something that people usually monitor, body temperature monitor would be useful for monitoring temperature to notice body norms. It could keep track of the average body temperature of the wearer and alert her to temperature increases.

This information could be used to let the user know that they might need to change something. Slow down, get plenty of liquids, and get plenty of rest to stop an illness from getting worse. Doing this can even possibly prevent an illness from happening in the first place. A body temperature monitoring feature, along with the heart monitor, can be used to let a user know it’s time to make a visit to their doctor. This feature could be especially useful for parents with young children. Sometimes children don’t know they are sick. So such a feature can be used to alert parents of a possible sickness.


A Personal Record

Every person’s body is different. So it’s a good idea for Apple Watch to make it possible to view a record of a person’s vital signs over time. This would be especially beneficial for those who have health problems already. Or a family history of a certain health problem. Some of the features of a personal record could include those mentioned above. But it would also be a helpful idea if there were the possibility to include other health stats that a user can input manually.

For example, it’s highly unlikely that a watch (not even Apple Watch) would be able to measure blood sugar levels. It’s because this is done by using blood. But if a diabetic patient could keep a record of their blood sugar levels on their Apple Watch, it would make it much easier for them to have a record to share with their doctor and this could really be beneficial to their health. Since Apple is all about making their users happy and anticipating the needs and desires of users, check pay attention to the gossip about the latest offering from Apple. You just might find the best health related features have already been included.