Are you ready to sample some next-gen tech from Apple? Many of us have been watching with anticipation to see what the plans are for the M-series Mac that will have the M3 chip. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg is giving us an idea of what we may be able to expect.

Gurman believes that the M3 could debut in just a few short weeks in October. He was able to make this prediction based on looking at developer logs. He thinks that the Max, Pro, and Ultra chips may follow in 2024. Things could possibly change during production, so we’ll have to wait a little longer to get verification.

Gurman thinks that Apple might be working on making changes to the unified memory configurations due to the testing MacBook Pros have with 36GB and 48GB. Right now, Apple has a range of offers of memory from 16GB to 96GB configurations varying by model.
Gurman also believes that if Apple keeps making the Mac Pro, the M3 Ultra will be in there. He thinks the M3 Ultra will come out in 2024. This will give Apple a whole year to decide if the Mac Pro is a model they want to continue in their lineup.

Why all the fuss about the M3? Well, the M3 is reportedly manufactured with a 3nm process. This would make it the first laptop or desktop computer to have the M3. This 3nm process means that more transistors can fit on a chip which might mean a substantial performance boost. It may also mean that the devices with the M3 chip might be more efficient when it comes to power and increased battery life. If Gurman is correct with his predictions, we might get to see an Apple device with an M3 chip in October.