Are you looking forward to getting some new tech goodies from Apple? Well, you might be excited to hear about Apple’s Scary Fast event. Apple’s ‘Scary Fast’ event in the end of October just might unveil some of the new M3 powered goodies from Apple that many have been waiting for.

Many thought that Apple would release some new iPads in the middle of October, but that didn’t quite go to plan. Instead, Apple released a new version of the Apple Pencil stylus. That’s probably not the most exciting update for consumers. This time, however, it’s likely that there will be some new Apple products coming out.

The Scary Fast event is online only on October 31. The last event from Apple, held in September, was in-person and unveiled the iPhone 15 and Apple Watch Series 9. Apple doesn’t always follow the same protocol for revealing information. Apple might do an in-person event or a virtual event. At times, Apple will even just send a press release instead of holding an event. Virtual presentations haven’t done so well for Apple in the recent past, but perhaps the Scary Fast event will be better. Apple will be streaming the entire event live from their Events page. You can add it to your calendar to make sure you don’t forget to tune in. The time is 5pm PT.

Another option for viewing the event is to watch it on Apple TV on Apple devices. If you don’t have Apple devices, you can watch the event on the Apple TV app. You can even watch the event on YouTube, so there are plenty of viewing optins available for sure.

October is a month that Apple has used before to launch products. The Scary Fast event has an interesting timing as it’s only a couple of days before Apple will release the quarterly earnings statement. Normally, the fourth quarter earnings are announced during October. Since this was pushed back to November, that might be a hint that a product announcement is coming.

Another possible hint is in the stream placeholder from Apple on the YouTube page. You can see an animated Apple logo that transforms into a Finder icon. This might be a clue that there will be some new hardware for Mac or even silicon to be announced at this event.

What are the new product updates likely to be shown at Scary Fast? Well, iPhone and Apple Watch have already gotten an update for this year so it’s probable there will be an iMac update. After all, iMac hasn’t had an update to it’s all-in-one desktop since way back in 2021. Gurman also believes that a new MacBook Pro might be unveiled.

What are some of the rumours about the iMac? Well, Apple could upgrade the M1 chipset to M2 for the all-in-one. However, rumors have it that Apple will be upgrading to the Apple M3 silicon. It’s been noted that the M3 is supposed to arrive this year, so who says Apple won’t go straight to that option? There have also been rumors that the M3 is more likely to come out in 2024, so only time will tell what the fate of the iMac will be.

Apple is sure to reveal some great new tech in the coming days and months of 2023. What are you most looking forward to getting from Apple?