Are you a working professional looking for the best MacBook Pro that money can buy to make your job easier? If so, this newest MacBook Pro is exactly what you are looking for — so long as money is not an option. Let’s dig right into the features of this newest addition to the MacBook Pro range to help you decide if it’s the right MacBook for you.



The newest 16-inch MacBook Pro recently launched, and it’s been completely redesigned. The MacBook Pro is already at the top end of pricing for Mac products as it is, but this newest MacBook Pro is one of the biggest, best, and most expensive Macs money can buy. However, there is a market for this new 16-inch MacBook Pro, and many users will find this new generation MacBook Pro is worth the asking price with all the new and improved features now available.


The Keyboard

The keyboard for the MacBook Pro 16-inch addressed the issue that users were having with the earlier versions of the MacBook Pro including the keys sticking on the butterfly design keyboard. Some users didn’t like that the keys didn’t seem to fully compress when typing.

But there are also other awesome updates. Remember how some previous models didn’t have an escape key? Now, it’s back. There is still the Touch Bar up top. The Touch Bar is for scrolling through different things like browser tabs, videos, photos, etc. It basically takes the place of a bunch of function keys.


Newest MacBook Pro


The Speakers

Other goodies in the new MacBook Pro include the speakers — all six of them. There are six speakers under the grilles on both sides of the keyboard. The sound is unreal; much better than any other you have heard on a laptop computer. It has the Dolby Atmos sound for speakers. You know that means some serious sound is headed your way with this newest MacBook. If you want to use your MacBook for watching movies and television, you won’t be disappointed from the sound.


The Display

The display also won’t disappoint you, because that’s really nice as well. Apple has stated that the display on the newest MacBook Pro 16-inch is the best they’ve ever put on a MacBook, which is saying a LOT. Previous displays have blown away Mac enthusiasts, and this display is even better than those. The display is brighter than the MacBook Air and has a huge color gamut so users can more accurately edit videos and photos. And the size of the screen makes it easier to do your editing work as well. Apple accomplished this by getting rid of the side bezels. So the display is larger than previous models while the screen area itself is about the same size.


New MacBook Pro


The Microphone

If you are a professional podcaster, you will be pleased with the configuration of the microphone on the MacBook Pro 16-inch. Apple has cut down on background noise for recordings. They are pretty proud of the microphone noting that users should be able to use the MacBook Pro 16-inch with the microphone that’s included. It will be comparable to a dedicated podcast microphone. So this can possibly save users money.



The MacBook Pro 16-inch is not for you if you are looking for a light laptop. This is one of the heaviest MacBooks from Apple probably because it’s packed with so much in the way of sheer computing power. If you want a light MacBook, the Air is the choice for you. But because this laptop is meant mostly for true professionals, keep in mind it’s a lot of computer.



If you’re wondering if you want or need to drop the money for this upgraded device, keep in mind the price is pretty high. The price range is from $2,399 up to $5,700 depending on the configuration you want. It’s mostly aimed at users who need a lot of computing power for work or gaming. Even if money is no option and you can spend whatever you want, buying a computer with this much power as a non-professional might be a waste. You might not get the full benefit of all the amazing features.