Apple has given confirmation that they are going to work on a new display to sell along with the Mac Pro. Apple used to make stand-alone displays in the past. Back in 2016 Apple’s stand-alone display, the Thunderbolt Display, was discontinued. Now it seems that the company wants to get back into this market.

The plan is to create a standalone display with the newest Mac Pro that is in development. Apple executives spoke about the company’s plans for the Mac Pro, revealing that they expect the newest Mac Pro to be ready to ship in 2019 with a standalone display. This new display is sure to be an exciting addition to the Mac, and fans will likely be ready to hand over their money for the newest offering.


Standalone Displays Latest News and Rumours



It’s interesting to note that Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn is making plans to open a US plant where it’s going to build 8K tvs. It’s an interesting prospect that these might include 8K Apple displays. Time will tell whether this is the actual purpose of the plant.


The Reemergence of the Standalone Displays

As mentioned above, Apple has done the standalone display before. Apple released the 27 inch Thunderbolt Display in July 2011. By today’s standards, the resolution was laughable. So for years, many users have probably been begging for Apple to update their monitors. There were predictions that a new display would be released back in 2016. However, that year came and went without any announcements or releases of new displays. Apple removed the displays from their sales lineup. It seemed that the days of the standalone display were behind Apple.

But then, in 2017, Apple changed their mind. 2017 was the year they announced plans for the standalone display with the launch of the new Mac Pro. It was revealed that the Mac Pro wouldn’t go on sale until 2019. Apple usually makes announcements about products at the WWDC. There may be more information about this release at the June 2018 WWDC.


Who Will be Able to Use These Displays?

Well, it will be designed for Mac Pro users. However, it may be an innovative idea for Apple to consider using a display for MacBook users as well. Some users will definitely be interested in purchasing a second screen for the MacBook.


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What Do We Know about the New Standalone Displays?

Apple hasn’t given out a lot of information about this new display, but they have talked a lot about how they want to meet the needs of professionals. Apple did reveal that the changes they were making were to better help pro customers and developers. They know that their customers have diverse needs, and they wanted to do the most they possibly could to understand the needs of the customers so they could develop a holistic solution. Apple hired creatives to help them figure out how to best suit the needs of their customers. This has resulted in a Mac Pro that should be better than ever.


What Will it Look like?

It’s really anyone’s guess what the new display will look like, but it might look a little different than before. There is a blurry picture floating around that is said to be a new Apple product. The picture is said to be an Apple television or display and was grabbed from a Chinese social media site. It’s a little suspicious to some people because it’s so blurry, but if it’s real, it would have been taken secretly. That could explain how blurry it is.

It’s also possible, however, that the new display will have a look similar to an iMac or similar to what it looked like before it was discontinued. We’ll have to wait and see what the new display actually looks like. It might not look like any of the rumors predict.



To sum it all up, then, there aren’t really a lot of confirmed facts from Apple about this newest update. We pretty much just know that it will be releasing sometime within the next year or so. Perhaps Apple will be willing to give out a few more tidbits of information before they release their new display with the Mac Pro.